Gary Davis – 902-468-8201 – provides complete automotive, marine, and off-road vehicle upholstery service. They are a NOVUS Windshield Repair facility and can also source and install glass for most of our Little British Cars.
Bruce MacDonald – 902-435-2886 – has 19 years experience at the bench, in the maintenance and repair of premium foreign & domestic automobiles.
Joseph Braca – 902-477-7596 – has long provided service and repair for our British Cars. His staff also service European Cars, as well as our North American or Japanese daily drivers. Joseph continues to be our prime supplier for Weber Carburetor conversion kits for LBCs.
GARY STEEVES INSURANCE – 1-800-595-3403 -Gary’s Silver Wheels / Hagerty insurance covers not only Antique Vehicles over 25 years of age but also Special Interest Vehicles between 15 and 24 years of age. Steeves Insurance will even insure your RV. Please call for a quotation at renewal time.
Anthony Lewis – 902-466-6676 – will facilitate auto body repairs and painting on almost any make and model of car.  They are an I-CAR Gold Standard Rated auto body shop.
Rick Hamilton – 902-468-1686 – offers complete auto repair services including engine machining and rebuild. They supply power train parts for most LBCs and are dealers for Petronix Ignition performance products.
Sean Clancey  – 902- 463-0460 – sells parts for most Little British Cars and domestic and foreign cars.  The firm also sell Valvoline VRI Racing Oil 20W50 with ZDDP, a must for engines with flat tappet camshaft setups.  For the BATANS discount use account#3562.
Steve Connors – 902-429-7878 – is once again offering a discount to BATANS members for any cars we have rust proofed there. Call for an appointment.
At Steele Jaguar and Land Rover, we pride ourselves in offering two of the world’s most prestigious vehicle brands. We offer outstanding maintenance and repair services so that your vehicle can stay longer on the road. These services are performed by our service experts who are trained by Jaguar Canada so that they are fully equipped to always deliver an over-and-above level service.
Talon Tire is in Montreal, they stock fresh, high- performance tyres (n.b. LBC spelling) in several brands and obsolete, OEM sizes. Their courier delivery is efficient & hassle free.
Trevor Peveril – 902-466-2416 – can supply new radiators and heater cores for British cars or repair or re- core old units. They can also flush the entire cooling system. TSS also offers complete fuel tank and air conditioning services.
Longtime BATANS member Dana McAllister, responsible for the glossy finish on several members’ cars besides his own, has officially taken his considerable skill & patience into business as Vintage Vibe.  If you’re looking for good results, give him a call for an estimate.